The TrainerGuide Network
The TrainerGuide project relates to and collaborates with other networks concerning the quality of in-company training.

Thus, relevant information on a range of issues is shared and relevant contacts are made between key persons in certain geographical regions or in professional fields.

Unformal international networks have arisen and will hopefully continue as 'communities-of-practise', based on professional interest in practise-directed activities.

Examples on results of mutual inspiration will be published at the end of the project.
 National quality panels
National quality panels in each of the partner countries strengthen the quality of the development and national disseminations of the project's outcomes.

The quality panels represent formal and non-formal networks considering the quality of vocational in-company training. In some cases these networks do even bridge opposing interests. 

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June 2010: You are welcome to test-run the new TrainerGuide, click here for questionnaire!

Access the European TrainerGuide here. Freely available and in English:

  • Examples from practise
  • Companies' own best materials
  • Links to official education materials
  • A wide range of templates - download and adapt!

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The TrainerGuide is described as part of a CEDEFOP-study, published in April 2010.  Click here to download "Professional development opportunities for in-company trainers".