International attention

Since its official start in October 2008, the European TrainerGuide project has achieved widespread international attention. Examples of international interest are:

  1. Presentation at CEDEFOP conference, 23-24 February 2009.
  2. The EU Commission's nomination of the project as one of the 15 most outstanding initiatives within this field. A case study has been done, carried out by the commission’s quality agency GHK. The case study will be published at CEDEFOP’s website.
  3. The project management team has been nominated to participate in one of the European Commission’s peer-learning seminars, belonging to the cluster Teachers and Trainers, 10th-14th May in Bonn / Germany.
  4. Sweden will have the chairmanship in the EU in autumn 2009. The Swedish Ministry of Education has required information on the project.
  5. The ‘ENQA-VET study on quality assurance systems in work based learning and assessment in European VET’ has asked for a contribution to their work through information on principles of the TrainerGuide.

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You are welcome to contact us for a presentation. We may be able to participate either personally or virtually.

We are pleased to contribute actively in conferences, debates or workshops, as far as possible within the framework of our project and our daily professional activities. 

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You are welcome to contact us for contribution to articles and publications in the partner countries of the project.

International press releases in English will be available about May 2009.
 Cedefop, February 2009
There was great interest in the TrainerGuide project at CEDEFOP's conference on “Teachers and Trainers at the heart of innovation and VET reforms”, 23rd - 24th Feb. 2009, Greece.

The principles of the European TrainerGuide were presented and discussed by participants in the workshop "New demands on in-company trainers: from a training role to a recognised occupation?"

Further information on the conference.

June 2010: You are welcome to test-run the new TrainerGuide, click here for questionnaire!

Access the European TrainerGuide here. Freely available and in English:

  • Examples from practise
  • Companies' own best materials
  • Links to official education materials
  • A wide range of templates - download and adapt!

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The TrainerGuide is described as part of a CEDEFOP-study, published in April 2010.  Click here to download "Professional development opportunities for in-company trainers".