The Danish quality panel

The Danish quality panel consists of representatives from

  • REVE - The National Council for Further Education, with representatives from the social partners
  • The Danish TrænerGuide Association, representing several trade committees (metal industry, transportation and construction sector)
  • The Danish Ministry of Education
  • The Metropolitan University College (vocational teacher training and public administration)

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 The German quality panel

The German quality panel consists of representatives from

  • DIHK-Bildungs-GmbH - Association of German Chambers of Industry and Commerce - the organization for vocational and further training in cooperation with German chambers of industry and commerce
  • IHK –chamber of industry and commerce
  • ZWH - Central Agency for Continuing Vocational Education and Training in the Skilled Crafts
  • BiBB - Federal Institute for Vocational Education and Training
  • KWB - German Employer´s Organisation for Vocational and Further Trainings
  • Berufsschule - Vocational college
  • The publishing company Wbv W. Bertelsmann Verlag
  • DGB - The Confederation of German Trade Unions

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 The Dutch quality panel

The Dutch quality panel is represented by members from:

  • Colo – Association of 18 Dutch centres of expertise
  • KC Handel – Centre of expertise for the field of retail, wholesale and international trade sectors
  • PACTT – Dutch association of trainers in the technical field
  • Kenteq - Centre of expertise on vocational education, training and labour marked for the technical field

Cooperation with other employers’ organizations as well as training funds for the technical field, on explicit request.

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 The Turkish quality panel

The Turkish quality panel is formed by participants from:

  • Turkey Ministry of National Education (MEB)
  • Muğla Province Management of National Education
  • Turkey Ministry of Industry and Commerce
  • Muğla Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Turkey Chambers and Stakeholders Association (TOBB)
  • Council of Higher Education (YÖK), Commission of Vocational Education
  • Muğla University, Technical Education Faculty Project Group
  • Turkey Confederation of Arts and Craftsmen Association Federation (TESK)
  • Provincial Associations of Arts and Craft Branches

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     The Slovenian quality panel

    The Slovenian quality panel is representated by:

    • Chamber of Craft and Small  Business of Slovenia
    • Biotechnical Centre Naklo
    • Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry of Slovenia
    • Secondary Medical School Ljubljana
    • Chamber of Commerce and Industry if Slovenia - Institute of Business Education
    • Ministry for Education and Sport
    • Secondary Mechanical School Ptuj
    • CPI -

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     The Finnish quality panel

    The Finnish quality panel consists of members from:

    • The National Board of Education
    • Apprenticeship Office Lahti
    • Adult Education Centre Pori
    • Adult Education Centre Joensuu
    • Adult Education Centre Tampere
    • Social Life Centre Pori
    • HAMK Vocational Teacher Education

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