The partners

Six countries; Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Turkey, Finland and Slovenia are participants in the project.

The participating countries share the quest for and commitment to developing a European TrainerGuide, which can contribute to improving quality in practical VET training. Furthermore, each country is developing their own TrainerGuide in their national language, based on the above-mentioned European TrainerGuide, which works as a 'generic model'.

The Danish partner in the project, the Metropolitan University College, is the project leader.

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 National quality panels

In accordance with the milestones and specifications in the work plan, each country has set up national project groups to deal with a number of tasks. In addition, each country has established a national steering group. These steering groups act as quality assurance panels monitoring the content and quality of the national guide, so that it reflects the needs of the labour market organisations and stakeholders.

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Furthermore, a transnational editorial group ensures that products from the various participating countries are consistent in quality and approved.


Valorisation is another aspect of quality assurance. The project aims towards publication of the products - the TrainerGuide versions - with free access. In this context, there will be activities to promote the TrainerGuides, possibly combined with training activities.

Furthermore, you will be able to follow the process through this website, where the products will be presented as the project progresses.

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June 2010: You are welcome to test-run the new TrainerGuide, click here for questionnaire!

Access the European TrainerGuide here. Freely available and in English:

  • Examples from practise
  • Companies' own best materials
  • Links to official education materials
  • A wide range of templates - download and adapt!

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The TrainerGuide is described as part of a CEDEFOP-study, published in April 2010.  Click here to download "Professional development opportunities for in-company trainers".