The project's work plan Work plan The project has a work plan for two years, from October 2008 til October 2010.

Besides this work plan, each country partner has elaborated their own work plan, corresponding to the overarching activities. 

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Phase October 2008 - October 2009: Phase November 2009 - August 2010:

June 2010: You are welcome to test-run the new TrainerGuide, click here for questionnaire!

Access the European TrainerGuide here. Freely available and in English:

  • Examples from practise
  • Companies' own best materials
  • Links to official education materials
  • A wide range of templates - download and adapt!

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The TrainerGuide is described as part of a CEDEFOP-study, published in April 2010.  Click here to download "Professional development opportunities for in-company trainers".